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If you are beyond frustrated with trying to balance all of the aspects of your infertility journey and your trying isn't working for you, I know on a deep level because I've been there before. 3xIVF, all failed. It hurts, I get it and I got thru it quickly. I want to pass the knowledge and skills to women who are sick of the silent screams, being broken & the frustration that nothing is working

Are You Ready To Live a Fertilicious Life?

    * Empowered, confident witty responses to all stupid and the insensitive comments that others make.

    * Feel truly at peace while you become the master of your emotions. HOPE fully.

    * Positive thinking is nice but it's not enough. We would all be pregnant if it were. Apply the real secret to having your mind work for you.

    * Let the tears flow and return to laughing so hard you pull a muscle.

    * Realize your family dream, which might be different from what you originally imagined and be at peace with it.

    * Join a community of women who are in the same struggle as you and learn together as you all become Fertilicious Females living a full life.

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The 7 Surviving Principles of Infertility

Are You Ignoring Spring

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April is all about spring, new beginnings, birth and rebirth. For those that are struggling with infertility, birthing, pregnancy is all we think about, that is the end goal. Please let me birth a baby. Let me Xperience growth inside of myself, let me feel the kicks, give me the back pain... anything is better than this hell of NOT having. This is the story we are stuck in, the story of NOT having. Here′s the secret and the harsh reality...

We will continue to NOT have if that is all we can think about.  It doesn′t have to stay that way!

This month we are raising awareness for infertility during National Infertility Awareness Week NIAW April 22-28th.  Don′t ignore infertility is the theme.

With that in mind, what are you ignoring? What pattern have you formed around infertility that you are ignoring? What hurt or fear have you buried and ignored and yet it keeps persisting?  The question you are asking is, “What can get me out of this “Not having” mode and back into having something more fertilicious? Like a LIFE!”

ASK for HELP to find the answers!

Get moving! Find a support group! Consult with a Reproduction Endocrinologist! See your Acupuncturist! Hire a Fertility Coach!  But do something. Our babies are waiting and they need to know that you are willing to show up differently so that stress is no longer an albatross around your neck. Having the courage to say that you need help in this process of infertility is for some a very difficult step. We are generally women that are motivated, badass bitches that “Git′ er done.” We are the doer′s, the fixers, and active women that are very skilled at multi-tasking at home/work and in our social lives. We are the one′s, our friends call on to ask for help. We are used to doing everything ourselves. We are the one who can fix the problems and yet here we are not able to solve our own infertility. Some think, “What is wrong with me? AM I broken?” If I ask for help, then that is a confirmation that something is wrong with me, I′m inadequate, helpless, or for sure broken. Infertility is a disease.

Having courage is really about being scared and doing it anyways... powering through to the other side. It′s facing your fears head on instead of ignoring them. The longer you let your fears have control of your life, the longer the fear will control you. Find that courage, deep in your soul that you have been ignoring and bring it forward. Use that courage to ask for help.  Getting help is necessary while you are drowning in the infertile despair. When you take that first step and ask for help from a professional, instantly the pressure will release. You are not alone, you can get your life back, and you are on your way to being that fertilicious mother you have been waiting to become.

So as you face this spring, face it with a renewed energy that is all about courage, being that bold mother-to-be that doesn′t ignore her infertility but is able gain strength from asking for help. Then receiving it with love and appreciation. Awhhh Spring time!